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Post picture of your Kandi thread

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Me trying to wear all my kandi xD




Man, I'm digging that Pac-man ghost too!

Would you be interested in doing a trade?



My two latest kandis! A disk cuff and another phattie.

I know it's kinda hard to read, I put the letters on backwards...XD

But it says Plur Life.


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Sure ill trade :D

Lovin those two, i have yet to try making a 3d cuff myself



My very first trade!!

Was there anything in particular you saw of mine that you liked,

or would you like yours to be a surprise?



I was rather surprised at how easy it was to make the 3D cuff.



I'm currently trying to make a sushi kandi, following a pattern, but am having some trouble. Can anyone tell me why there are two sets of row 1?

Also, am I supposed to just keep it going, or tie off the first row and then keep going? I'm totally lost....XD

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That is officially cool.

I have only made about three bracelets, tried making a cuff. epic fail!



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