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Breaking Dawn


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Status: Released 08/02/08

Position: 4th book in the Twilight Series

Rating? 5 out of 5


This story picks off right where the last book left off. Bella has made her choice between Edward and Jacob and she has graduated high school. She gets married to the man of her dreams and lives happily ever after until she becomes the key player in a game the the ancients (Voluturi) decided they wanted to play. She along with the rest of the cullens and the werewolves of La Push show a display of strength that may or may not be enough to win the game or at least put up a good bluff.


The ending will shock you. The middle with sway you. The beginning will cajole you into never putting it down.


You definitely have to read the other three books to get all the things going on in the back ground of this book. Very emotional, action packed and safe for the younger readers on the site. No cursing, no sex.



A must read. Got it on release day, finished it on release day. I'm proud to be among the first.

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I saw this at Hastings today and the cover enticed me...I'll have to research that series and see if I'd care to read it.

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Well worth the read. Bear with the first book, this was originally intended for teenagers as was harry potter.


Has the same cult following as Harry Potter as well....not as crazy serious but the numbers aren't that far behind Rowling.

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