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European Roll Call / Introduction


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Name: Geoff


Date of Birth: Nov. 15, 1990


Country: France


Location: Paris


Languages you speak: English, very bad French


Styles of dance you practice: Glowstringing


How were you introduced to glowsticking: Lots of videos

How did you find GSC: looking up some youtube vidoes on how to glowstring


Short Bio: I'm a pretty new (~6month ish) stringer who just moved to Paris as an exchange student.

Looking to meet some people from around here, and hopefully learn from them as well.


I also have a really comfortable couch, so if any of you are passing by/through Paris for a couple of days and need somewhere cheap to stay, hit me up!

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Hello Demetriususa,


I'm in the Netherlands, let me know if you want to hang out sometime!



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