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Test Drove some cars recently

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My friend drove, I rode passenger or back seat in each:


BMW 328xi - Pretty good car. The 335xi is much more expensive than the IS350 so we didn't test it. Later figured out that we might've wanted to try the 335. Anyway, it was a pretty nice car, good room, nice feel, but just didn't wow.


IS350 - Our favorite car. Best acceleration of the cars we tested, my friend said he LOVED the way the steering felt. Very nice interior. I actually sat in the BACK of this car (which always get huge hits from the big car magazines for having no leg room) and I found it to be the best back seat!


GS350AWD - a bit more expensive car. I actually preferred the IS350's back seat more, even though the GS is supposed to have over 5 inches more leg room. Head room in the rear, realistically, seems much less than reported, as the IS seemed to have more head room. Still a great car. This was our best test drive (the dealership guy took it to about 120 on the highway and weaved between people then took us on the twisties at high speeds and had my friend do the same on the way back).


Audi A4 - Most disappointing car. I'm actually as much an Audi fan as I am a Lexus fan. Unfortunately, the A4 seemed tiny, in both the front and back. I felt super confined. My friend hated the acceleration and thought the steering felt a bit too tight. The Audi dealer guy was actually really chill and cool. I was disappointed that the Lexus dealer guy trashed their service. In the end, Audi just didn't work out =( Beautiful cars, but the interior was way too small, the power lacking, just not enough to validate a purchase.


Non tested:

Infiniti G35 - We came by this car while at the mitsubishi dealer (wanted to test an EVO), who will be getting an Infiniti franchise soon as well. They only had a used one and my friend didn't want to test drive it b/c he wants to try a brand new one. The dealer guys here were A holes and pretty lame. Left without testing anything.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - Well, we wanted to compare the Evo X to the other cars we were driving, just as a test. Guy wanted to see that my friend all the cash on hand in order to test the car, but my friend didn't feel comfortable giving them his bank acct information. Interior was definitely geared towards racing. Same guy as G35. I mean he didn't ACT too much like an A hole, but he really was the worst dealership guy we came by. Also, he used the F word CONSTANTLY. Like every two words. I'm not generally offended by speech anymore, but excessive cursing is something that totally turns me away from something like buying a car from someone.




So yeah, just thought I'd share my experience for anyone who might be looking for a new luxury sport sedan.

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I'd say 335xi would be my friend's second choice but it starts about 4 grand more than the IS350 base MSRP with many less things standard. I'm sure it would be the superior choice if my friend wanted to spend more money for it. Glad you like it :D The 328xi definitely wasn't a bad car, as I said, it just didn't wow us.

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Nice, the Evo X is my favourite car on that entire list and I'm sad that you didn't get to test drive.


Friend of mine got one for his graduation present (Yeah... I hate him too) and I totally taught him how to drive stick in it. Fucking sweet ride.


Don't blame the Evo X guy... so many guys I've known have gone for joy rides at local dealership... it's the new hot Evo man... it's expected. Especially up here in Canada (we never got any of the previous Evos).


Buddy of mine has the IS350, it is a NICE car. It is definitely a luxury vehicle and I can see myself...


Never ever driving one actually XD. That's just cause it's too much of a luxury car for me, I'd feel too rich even if I earned every penny of it... I'm more of a rustic guy I guess.


Totally think that's the car to pick if you don't like the Beemers..

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