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the GsC demotivational poster thread

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lawl, i hope we do... but we need a meme.. and i'm thinkin the but hops quote

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alright, so when we get a new member thats like," rawr,3 beat weave.... Can't", we gots to be like, don't be a pussy, that move looks legit... :D

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last one for today, night Gs.C, btw just throwin it out there, 4 month vid soon ;P, wish meh luk

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gogo freehanding posters.


lolol :P yes i phail :P




lol, if I make a poster for anybody in particular, understand that i'm only trying to hurt your feelings.


xD! lololol in the words of freak deke xD


This is my last one for tonight. . .




hahaha =3 that made my day xD!

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