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This inst a review...but more of a reminiscent post.


Does anyone else love this movie as much I do?


I have seen it countless times, what are your favorite scenes? Favorite Characters? Who do you relate to the most?



My favorite scene is the end, where Sash drops Heaven Scent and you see everyone having a GREAT time, smiling dancing together and sweating like crazy.


My favorite character is the drug nerd...I relate to him the most.




I fricking love the movie!

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As with most ravers, this used to be my favorite rave movie ever.


That is until recently when I found "One Perfect Day". "Groove" is now second on my favorite rave movie, but it's definitely a movie to check out. It's a shame that "Groove" is now out of print and semi-hard to find on DVD.


The "Heaven Scent" is definitely my favorite part, but I really love the part where he's driving through the toll booth. That simple scene had a profound effect on me.

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