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So I've been thinking, how much does the raw track data matter to you when purchasing a car? I'm not interested in buying a car right now, I just wanted to see what you guys considered when buying a car.


Seems to me that if everyone wanted the absolute best handing and usually the best acceleration, they'd go with a BMW.


However, I prefer Audi's/Lexus' in terms of looks. Toyota has far superior build quality/reputation. I'm not sure about interior comfort etc.


I'm not sure exactly where I'm going, but I guess the TL;DR would be: what do you consider besides raw performance when choosing a car? How much does raw performance matter to you?

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Raw performance is only a number. A driver is what makes a car, not the car itself. I lean more towards cars that look good to me more than anything. After that I consider reliability, features, and performance.

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in real life the only people who really base car decisions on stat sheets are kids without licenses that think playing gran trusimo ten hours a day makes them the bad ass race drive they pretend to be on forums... real drivers buy cars based on their needs, preferences, and driving habits, stupid kids buy cars with impressive stats sheets that are basically undrivable on public streets and wounder why their spine hurts every time they hit a pot hole...

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Guest supraGlowString

i would go with the acura TL, its really really comfertable

very easy to fall asleep in lol.

Speed wise its ok.

But if you want alittle more kick to it

get the type-s.

Im thinking of getthing one in the next 2-3 months.

The TL gives you everything you would want in a car.


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Glad I'm not the only one. When I'm bored I read caranddriver and motortrend and other sides (magazines) like that, and they all act like the only thing worth buying is a BMW. I lol'd the other day when watching a comparison test between the 63 AMG, Audi RS4, and M3. They basically said people who drive M3's are "cocks" (british show). I think the connotation of a certain brand plays a HUGE role in buying a car.


Again, I won't be close to buying a car (especially a new one) for a long time, but right now, for me:


Looks/Brand connotation (subtle/reliable/people who drive them aren't jerks)





They're all important, but I think people make a bit too much of a big deal of just the performance of a car. It's somewhat reasonable-- the only reliable way to rate cars is to compare data sheets, because everything else is based on interpretation/preference.

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I was just reading motortrend, again because I was bored, and they compared a 55,000 car to three other 70,000 versions of some other cars. Then in the end they gave the BASE MSRP for all the cars (the other three being base versions of 50-52k and the base for the 55 car being 45k). Of COURSE the 55k car lost to the 70k cars. It costs 15k less! I think car magazines really hate Lexus, just because they never really seem to give it fair comparisons half of the time.

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MotorTrend loved Toyota back in the 80s. I think these magazines really need to get ahold of the new Lexus IS-F. The body lines are perfect, hell it got a V8 that does better then all the other V8s in the american car market. Sometimes I wounder if car manufactures pay off magazines to give good reports for them.



Alright just to get this out Im 19 Ive owned to many cars in my short driving career. And Im feed up of 10+ year old cars.


Things that I looked at that lead me to the Toyota Matrix XRs that Ill be buying in August.


Personal Maker Preference: Personal preference matters alot to me. I dont like Honduhs at all, Chevys dont look pretty, Dodge I love their trucks but Im not towing, and Jeep doesnt make real Jeeps anymore that make good gas economy. Toyota was my first car and its just the memories that lead me back to them.


Room to Grow/Interior Visibility: I wanted a vehicle with more head room than I need because Im still a growing boy. Also I wanted a slightly confined shoulder space and close leg surroundings so my legs arent spread all wide but can rest against something. I use SMOG everytime I make a manuever: Signal, Mirrors, Over-shoulders, Go. I dont like mirrors because is their someone in your blind spot and being able to actually see something with your own eyes is a load off. So I want to see out of the rear of my vehicle when looking over my shoulders and not seeing a panel or sporty peice of metal.


Gas Economy: Gas prices suck when youre doing 9-15MPG city. I wanted to do atleast 20+MPH city, and 30+MPH highway.


Vehicle Price vs Performance: How much bang can you get for the buck? Im not looking for speed, but torque is something I enjoy. When I can leave the stop light like it was nothing and just cruise.


So why Im choosing a 03-05 Toyota Matrix XRs? The price it awesome since Toyota and Pontiac built the Matrix and Vibe together. MSRP is roughly $13-18 grand, used $9-12 grand. That is something I can afford with a 48 month loan. This car was built for tall people aslong as you dont get one with a moon roof(or sunroof which take away 2" of head room). The seats are sporty and comfortable. Interior visibilty is great I can look over my shoulders and see a car in my blind spot. Gas mileage is exactly what Im looking for. It has plenty of peep and can keep up with car today.

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I'm a Petrol Head... or a Gear Head whatever you wanna call me.


Performance MAKES OR BREAKS the car for me, sure I have some bias (<3 Nissan) but ultimately 0-60, bhp, and all that stuff...


It matters.


Yes I am 19, but I have my license and I drive one of my dream cars, that dream car only costing 3000 dollars.


I purposely made the suspensions stiffer so it would handle better on the track. I lowered it myself so when I bottom out I cringe and cry but I ultimately know it's MY FAULT.


When I buy a car I look at a few things myself as well.


Stats... we've been over this.


Looks: It has to appeal to me, just cause it's the fastest thing in the world but it looks like crap... I won't have fun driving it. Driving is ultimately a hobby for me and if I feel like a retard then I can't exactly have fun. Bugatti Veyron would be an example. MOST POWERFUL production vehicle ever made and I still wouldn't have one... cause god damn I hate how it looks.


Reliability: Reliability DOES make a different to me, if this didn't factor in I"d grab an RX-7 FD... but I know they're notorious for BLOWING UP.


Capabilities: How far can I take this car? Do I just pay the money and it just forever stays the same? No... I want my car to evolve, I want it to grow with me as a driver. So I probably wouldn't buy a Zonda F cause... after I bought it I'd just look at it and think ... "Well it's not like I made you what you are today, I just bought you off the man that did make you into this amazing piece of machinery... I had no choice in how you were made... You're not really my car."


When you love driving as much as I do, you look at your own car and you don't think "Means to a location" or "how I get kicks" but... how much you grow with it.


My 240 is TECHNICALLY my first car, half of it was a graduation present (meaning 1500 of it my parents bought) and as I've gotten into accidents, big and small I've grown as a driver. I can honestly say that this car really is mine.


When I first bought it, it wasn't really mine, sure I had ownership, but she wasn't mine.


I'm sure this is all really weird, but it's the honest to god truth... When one of my buddies buy a nice car used that's really nicely modded, looks great, is fast as hell and didn't really cost them much... I still shake my head at them. Cause THEY didn't make that car what it was today, they weren't with it every blood, sweat and teardrop on the way to it's final destination.

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You can never go wrong with a good Honda/Acura.

They are good reliable cars with a really good depreciation value.

They are relatively cheap, good on gas, and parts are cheaper then most in case of an emergency.

And if you do want to make it go fast, The money that you would spend on a more expensive car you can turn that around and make you care faster and more luxurious

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im working on getting a 240sx and convert it into a skyline =D then throw a 2jz in it =D

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I would definitely say you should invest into a car you feel completely comfortable in. And by that I don't mean leather interior.


Whats the point of having something with a completely rebuilt RB26DET with titanium internals and a high-output ECU that can do 160 without flinching, when you're not at ease when you take it to the local blockbuster? Thats exactly why I bought my Yaris when I had the chance to buy something like my old 1995 Z71 with a 350 small block. As opposed to my old truck, I am more comfortable knowing I can pass cars when I need to, I can brake more suddenly should the event come, and I can handle the car safely without fear of the rear fishtailing.


Thats just my two cents.

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Skyline conversions for the 240 looks TERRIBLE.


1st off the headlights don't stream, the lines don't match up, no matter which one you go for , R32, R33, R34... all their lines, the Skyline has a more rigid body type, it can after all it's 4WD and it's a heavy weight car, it can LOOK heavy.


However 240sx look slick, light and small cars, and thusly their lines reflect that.


Also why drop a 2JZ? Just so you can say "Look at me I put 32 PSI in this engine and it hasn't blown up!"


Big deal, the RB26DETT is an equal engine and with all the work you're putting into putting in an engine of only EQUAL capabilities, you could easily just tune the car and make it hella fast.


Geckogl0w? You got a huge point there and I have to 100% agree.


So many kids at the local track think they're hot stuff when they trick out their car and take it out, going to a Class A competition when they don't even have the skills to race a Pinto, let alone a 400 BHP SR20DET-ed 240sx... and they total it almost right off the bat.


You gotta learn how to drive, and NO ONE learns on a car that can go 0-60 in 3 seconds, NO ONE. In fact almost all the greatest drivers in the world learn on real basic cars, specifically go karts, those things are torquey and they really teach you how to control the vehicle at high speeds.


Wish this sub-forum was more active...

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Thanks Kuro, in the end we're all only human and we all learn from each other.


All in all though, I personally don't see a point in buying something like a Lamborghini or koenigsegg and such. Sure you have 400+hp and can easily hit speeds of 200 and up. But what about when you need to replace your clutch, or say you get into a fairly bad accident? I don't think cars like those can actually handle impacts like that.


On the subject of building your own Skyline: its your car, and if its what you wanna do then go for it. I can't lie, that would be a seriously sick ride. But what else could you do with that car besides take it around and go fast? Why not just build yourself something that you know you'll be keeping for a very long time like a '66 Mustang or a '57 Belair? And when it comes down to the wire, you have a car that only appreciates in value and are extremely hard to find when compared to a Skyline conversion or a super JDM Integra...


Again, just another 2 cents...

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I USED to own a 1995 BMW M3 which was just before they started putting more emission restrictions on the BMW's, it was an inline 6 cylinder with 345 BHP and 350 F/LB of torque with an $8000 supercharger and custom manifold that put the car at 610 BHP and 645 F/LB of torque, the ECU was chipped, a $4000 cold air intake and a $7000 exhaust system. Everything on the interior was custom carbon fiber... all in all I had invested about $45,000 into it but that included the buying price of $12,000... and then I crashed it at 120 MPH into some trees. BMW's are by far the most awesomess cars in the world with an even greater history then Audi, but Audi has set their own records and and made their own mark in the car industry. Can you tell yet what I look for as far as a car goes? lol, I've had five cars and have done all my own custom engine work, and modifications myself and I have never drivin anything other than a manual. Cars were my passion up untill the accident with my M3 and then I decided I needed to slow down a bit and start focusing on other things in life.... like staying alive. :P My dream though is to someday import a skyline R32 and build that beast up with a custom manifold for two greddy dual ball-bearing turbo's and swap out the 5 speed manual for a six speed. :D Those cars are fuckin monsters if you build them right.

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I sell cars to people all over the country and do all kinds of different fits and makes/models. I can tell you that most people order for practicality first, then looks, then stats and then price. Typically price is the bottom line for people. If they really like a car they are going to buy it regardless of whether it is 5k more or not. The only question I get out of right field sometimes is "does this come in hybrid?" Then I'm stuck telling people that buying a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid is the biggest waste of money short of throwing it all in a pile and lighting it on fire.

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