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So I was at a friends 16th birthday party and she wanted kind of a rave sort of theme. Her Dad and one of his friends were Djing the thing and all they were playing was rap and hip hop. Everyone was dancing but it was more lke bouncing around. Well, I had my computer in my computer on me so I was showing off Traktor to one of the DJs and to make a long story short I ended up DJing a few songs. I didn't do much mixing but it was cool cueing up the songs, looping parts and watching people get fired up over what I was putting out.


Like I was taking turns with the other DJ's. They would play a song and people would either step out or jsut kind of stand around but as soon as I started up people started jumping around and dancing with some engergy. What a RUSH!!!!

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that was similar to my 1st time in front of a big crowd except i was at a 18th b day party which in Australia is drinking age and all that jazz. remember walking in and listening to some guy play some gay Alex K style techno/doink and the guy could not beat match at all the saw the cdjs he had remember that i had some old hard trance and happy hard in my car ran back got the CDs back then i had abit of dj experience under my belt but was not enough that i felt like i could rock the party had but considering my competition i was like why the hell not walked up to the dj at the party said

"oi man take a break" he said "naa I’m mixing" i said "common man i can take over i got a few cdjs i can fill in for ya" he said "ok dude just make sure you don’t stuff up to much don’t want the party vibe to die down" i looked at him and thought to my self god what a dick. at this point ppz were dancing probz because they were drunk while other just sat around well as soon as i got up behind those decks some ppz were like wtf is he doing he cant dj can he???

Well i proved them wrong had some funky hard trance with a nice greasy bass line cbf with the happy hardcore because by this point i reckon these ppz have had enough cheese for now

i stopped this guys shit music got my self familiar with deck DENON DNS5000 at this point these was dead silence every one was like where’s the music then i just played first track on cd it was a bang'n song "Dirt Devils - The Drill" as soon as that been dropped at least 20 ppz got up and started shuffling it was great more ppz started getting into it by this point i was like now what song next and realized that i had no headphone the other dick dj had taken them with him i panicked for a bit looked through songs on other deck for one that i reckon would mix well with one that i was playing all of a sudden some guy came up to me and he is like dude you will need these and he hands me a set of cans (headphones) finally i got my other track cue'd and from then on things kept getting better the mixer was a djm600 so i was making good use of fx the dj who was on before me was also seeking up behind me to see what i was doing he the look on his face was priceless lol he was in his 20s i was just 16 and better than him i'd only mixed with vinyl 1210s and 2 cdj100s with the crappy beringer djx700 @ and had learnt to match beats by ear instead of using beat counters.

after i had played almost every decent song i had i stopped and got ready to walk away then they guy who’s party it was like “bro play another set that was fucken awsum†so i said what style he said i got some electro house want to mix that i said ok (even tho i rarely mix this style) and hit the decks again oddly enough it all went well i mixed it at the same tempo ratios i would of mixed happy hardcore and it went excellent allot of cheesy house tracks allot of funky dark one too

some i had herd before other i had not but it all went well i rocked it for about 3 hrs or more until i took a break to say hi to ppz at this point these girls came up to me and were like "omg that was fucken mad are you like a pro dj do you dj in clubs and that""wow that was mad†“how old are you ur skilled man" then i had other ppz that were like "mad set dude when you goanna do another?"

I was loving every bit of it at this party there were at lest 100+ and i only knew like 30% of ppz there but half way through the party i knew at lest 90% of ppz there. also when i was chilling with mates some bloke came up to me and was like cool set kid how long you been djn for "i was like year and a bit" he looked at me and was like cool he introduced him self and said how he was on promotion crew for some clubs in city and that he could get me some gigs if i wanted them i was like "hell yeh man sign me up" so i gave him my contact details and such few days after he did not contact me and i was like yeh he must of just been kidding so i got on with my life but in few weeks after party he calls and is like "oi kid want a set @ a party its a U18s party but pay is decent i told them how good you are man and scored you a 2 hr set what style you want to play" i was like wow i said "what style do you want me to play" lol he said "any you want" "even happy hard" i replied "he said yeh sure man that’s act perfect there is another guy playing hhc (weaver)" i was like cool see you there.

i remember getting ready i was like shaking and shit before i realized that fuck i am goanna be djn for a paying crowd then the butterflies started but i soon got my self together then a bunch of my mates decided to rock up to show support to ease my stress.

remember walking into this club there was a small sea of ppz every one on before me was older i got the butterflies again then one of the other djs is like "oi kid chill mad you are goanna do good i herd good thing about ya man all you need to do is beat match and watch ur levels and you will be fine" then my gf rocked up what a time to have a gf she gave me a kiss and was like i want you to get the party fucken rockn hun do it for me ok" i was like "for you hun ne thing" (Awwww) i went out hd my gf in crowd front and center just looked at her and got my confidence back i was like this is not different than that party cept i get to play the music i like to play i get to give this crow a taste of the type of music i like i get a chance to expand there minds i get to help make the music i like popular HTID 1st track i remember dropping was heart beats (scott brown Remix) - breeze and styles and from that 1st song i remembered why i came what it was all about The Music looked out saw my gf among other screaming ravers and party ppz and was like i have finally found where i belong what i was once looking for had found me and given me a shot to do what i once considered to be a distant dream .

looking back at crowd i thought to my self this is absolute bliss god i am happy


and to this day i still get same feeling when ever i get benind decks whether it be for 20 ppz or crowd of 400 ppz giveing ppz a great experiance and helping them enjoy there night it what is is all about (unless you mix hip-hop sorry but i have little but no respect for the musi not my secne to much hate and wanking arround )


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