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A short guide to purchasing from ExtremeGlow

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I hope this will help out the people who are unsure about what glowsticks to buy from ExtremeGlow. This is being updated from time to time, although the products can change often.


GlowLight (6U) - I don't recommend these at all...

Novelty (X6U) - I don't recommend these, but they do make for cheap glowsticks if you want to buy packs of 100. These might be good if you just started out, $50 is not bad.

Kayla (6KAYLA) - Same as above.

Color Bright (6W) - I thought these weren’t good at first, but the hooks at the end can stay longer for the stringers, in comparison to the Cyalume Industrials. Get the Color Bright if you’re planning on using strings, otherwise use the Cyalume Industrials. The tips at the end can be annoying, although this problem can be remedied easily by using a nail clipper.

Snaplight Industrial (6SN) - Only if you really like hexagonal glowsticks.

Cyalume Industrial (6Z) - These are the most expensive but they come with a wrapper, which helps to keep the glowsticks out of sunlight. Also the quality difference is very noticeable when compared to the other brands, so this is what I recommend the most. The glowstick appears round shaped, with a candle tip at the very end.

Red Cyalume Industrial (6ZR) - Don't bother...unless you really like the color of course.

Cyalume Ultra 5-minute Orange (6HO5) - Sadly these are no longer the brightest sticks available...long story short they changed the formula on these recently and they are about the same level as the 30-minute high intensities. They are good still but not the same anymore.

GL Ultras 5-minute Aqua (6GLA5) - See “GL Ultras 5-minute Assortedâ€.

GL Ultras 5-minute Green (6GLG5) - See “GL Ultras 5-minute Assortedâ€.

GL Ultras 5-minute Blue (6GLB5) - See “GL Ultras 5-minute Assortedâ€.

GL Ultras 5-minute White (6GLW5) - See “GL Ultras 5-minute Assortedâ€.

GL Ultras 5-minute Yellow (6GLY5) - See “GL Ultras 5-minute Assortedâ€.

GL Ultras 5-minute Assorted (6GLMIN) - Besides the Green & Aqua color choices…I was kind of disappointed. Going through all the colors ---

Aqua = From what I’ve seen, this is the third brightest glowstick there is. The main reason this color choice is popular is because of the color itself. A lot of people seem to like this color. The Aqua is superior to the Blue…since Aqua is basically a combination of Blue & Green mixed together. The human eye will notice Green to be brighter than Blue, based on the color spectrum. This is why Aqua seems to be brighter than Blue.

Green = From what I’ve seen, this is the second brightest glowstick there is. The duration isn’t long, but the brightness is the closest to the 5-minute Oranges right now. These are great for filming, as they show up well on video.

Blue = Aqua is strictly the better choice here since Blue isn't as bright.

White = I was not very impressed with these. The initial brightness seems decent enough, but it wears off rather quickly. I don't recommend these unless you like the color of course.

Yellow = These are quite solid, but they pale in comparison to the Aqua & Green. The color is cool though and it provides a nice alternative choice if you get tired of the other colors.

5-minute Assorted (Pack of 12) (6GLMIN) - It seems better to choose the colors yourself...unless you want an assortment.

5-minute Assorted (Pack of 60) (6GLMAX) - I would rather get the pack of 12 instead if you really want an assortment.

Snaplight 30-minute (6SNHY) - Same deal with the Industrials, if you really like the hexagonal shape, get these.


My personal recommendations ---


8-12 hours:


Color Bright (6W) - Green & Yellow recommended.

Cyalume Industrial (6Z) - Green & Yellow recommended.




GL Ultras 5-minute Green (6GLG5) - Green recommended.

GL Ultras 5-minute Aqua (6GLA5) - Aqua recommended.


Extreme Glow's 6" Glowsticks


When checking out, use the coupon code GLOW in order to receive 5% off. This helps out a little bit with the shipping costs.

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Hi Nmestar99,


This is Amanda on behalf of Extreme Glow, and as our way of saying thanks for the "purchasing guide" you posted, we would love to send you a new and improved 6GLMINI Pack for review.


The 6GLMINI includes 2 of each GL Ultra colors, several of them new. We have a brand new Orange that can actually stand up to the Cyalume Ultras in intensity. Of course, the GL Ultra Orange costs a great deal less than the Cyalume. In addition to the Oranges, we also have a new Ultra Yellow, White, Blue (the old blue is our new Aqua).


In total, the 6GLMINI contains 2 each of the GL Ultra series in Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Aqua, and White.


PM me your address, and I'll send it out immediately.


Thanks again, and have a beautiful day!





That was really nice of her to send me a free shipment like that. I need to update this guide again.

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I gave them my address and they shipped it out immediately after. Now that is some customer service.


I'm not even going to bother doing a comparison between EG and GP, especially since I've never ordered from GP before. I've used glowsticks from GP in the past, and it was kind of a letdown compared to the glowsticks from EG. I would only recommend GP for the color choices that EG doesn't have. I'm sure people are going to disagree with me here, but such is life.

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Colin and I keep finding out about deals AFTER we order stuff. We literally just put in an order for some 12hrs last night and then we find out about the 5% off deal. And last night I also bought him a fire poi set for his birthday and then we find out today that we could have saved 15% grrr...


Anyways, good review Jeff. Cyalume oranges FTW :)

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Cyalume oranges are 1.38 each O.O. WOW. I want blue T_T but they are 8 dollars each.


That $8 each is for a pack of ten, so that makes them .80 each.

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