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2008 Subaru Outback XT?


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My current daily driver is a Jeep Cherokee. Im currently looking at vehicles to buy for after college. I love SUVs because of how tall I am and interest in ease to enter and exit vehicles. Ive considered many cars Lexus IS300, Lexus RX300, Corolla xrS, WK Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel.


The WK is nice for luxury and gas economy, and the others because they are Yota's. But I have yet considered the Outback. Just got done checking out their site, and wow. The 2.5 XT looks like the ultimate after college vehicle. It sits highish from the ground. Has power, and torque, plus the cargo space. Also could always be modified to my need for torque.


Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this vehicle, and if anyone 6'5'' has gotten in one and their experience. Power, Cargo Space, and ease of entrance and exit are my biggest concerns.



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Actually Ive desided on getting a 03-05 Toyota Matrix XRs now. Sat in one and Im in love. Just need to find one without a moon roof, but even with one I have head room.


Get me a TRD supercharger and exhaust with the lower springs and Id be set. Only shitty part is the odometer stops at 299,999mi and costs $700 to fix. But I love it no blind spots, plenty of room, and cargo space.

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Currently with school and work I put about 12,000 miles on my Jeep a year. Now lets move that over to the Matrix. Since Ill have the faster more fuel economical vehicle in my group of friends lets add an additional 300miles a month x 12 = 3600 miles a year in transportation to get to denver to go to parties and clubs. My dad lives about 830 miles away probally visit him twice a year so round trip total thats 3320miles. So yearly about 18920 miles a year. Figure I get a 2003 with 60k on the odometer. Itll take 12.6 years to hit 299000mi. Hmm well maybe I wont hit that mark, but someone already has on a 2003 model, which is an insane 49,833.3 miles a year. JESUS!


Just shows Toyota's last for ever, Honda mowers cut my lawn.


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