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Has anybody here played the game "Patapon" for the PSP?


Patapon's website


This game is so freakin' nuts! Its an animated side scrolling adventure game where you play a diety that controls an army of little cyclops dudes through a series of drum beats. You drum to the rythem to make them attack, move, defend, and even call upon miracles to make it rain and such. As you successfully drum to the beat, the music builds and climaxes causing the little patapons to become stronger. You hunt, explore, defend against and attack enemy armies, and theres all sorts of little minigames. Theres all sorts of unlockables and items to collect throughout the levels to keep you playing. This game is visually appealing, musical, innovative, and most of all, FUN. This game just makes me love dancing even more. Definately one that any psp gamers should check out.

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