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Watchmen is an epic graphic novel written by literary great Alan Moore (Swampthing, V for Vendetta) which follows real life superheroes that have real life problems for the most part. This is not your average, damsel in distress gets swooped up by random guy with every superpower available, its real people who dedicate their lives to something extraordainary; save people, help people and relate to them on the most basic levels...needing love, attention, fellowship and friendship with others.


This novel contains 12 issues which are listed as chapters and follow 7 characters who have donned costumes in an attempt to combat crime, it gives you their history, their struggles and makes you feel for them in ways that sometimes it is impossible for you to do to batman. This novel is knowledge; it encompasses alot that was going on at the time that it was written that are universal themes that can not be stiffled; war, human emotions, inner conflict, the need to find oneself and love etc etc. It is a must read in my opinion, I've only read it once so far but it seems like the type of book that will allow you to see more if you read it again and again.


5 out of 5

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I saw the preview when I went to see The Dark knight at 12 am today and it looks very cool. Well the movie. I think I'll look into getting the graphic novel, looks really interesting.

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The movie I'm looking forward to actually. Azzie, Snyder is good at adapting comic books into movies. 300 only sucked cause he had to put in extra parts to pad the movie into a feature (60 minutes and more). The scenes where he adapted from the movie were pulled off masterly.


The comic book however is hands down one of the best graphic novels I've ever picked up. And don't be turned off... it IS A NOVEL. Yes it has pretty pictures, but you'll be reading most of the time either way. There are WALLS of text however that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.


It is on Time's magazine Top 100 books of the 20th Century... And is the ONLY graphic novel on the list. ONLY.


I read it once a month usually, get inspiration... cause frankly it still fucking blows my mind.

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