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lol me and Gin were doing meetups when there were like 6 EC heads on this site, all it takes is a little passion and free time.   100% agree with what Rai said.   Us guys who have been around sinc

Live damn you - LIVE!


Dude you find the craziest fuckin vids. LOL


I'm thinkin of getting a modded wii just to play this. I dunno though. But I wants it real bad.





Most epic fuckin game ever.

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This game looks pretty badass. I am considering a purchase


I'm playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP guy. And We have meetups for just playing it. I meetup with Spazz, Lectra, and Cynn and we play four players. It's crazy dude.


Here's some Gameplay



It's so bad ass man. The other clips are from the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 3. I dunno if I should wait for US release. It looks so damn good.

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MadRaverRai will be spinning Tainted Transmission on August 30th, 2009 at 8:30 PM EST (5:30 PM PST) via Stickam!


Also, this will be the last WEEKLY Tainted Transmission. Starting in September, Tainted Transmissions will be broadcasted every third Saturday of every month.



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Tri is supposed to get a U.S. release in march 2010, i also heard some other stuff from sony regarding god of war 3 @___@.


If its just in March I can wait. But I think March is too soon for an American Tri release.


Who's psyched for Electric Fucking Zoo!!!???



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If anybody hasnt bought tickets for the Electric zoo festival and dont want to pay 70$ dollars for a day or 130$ dollars, when you go to the electric zoo site use the promo code EZNY and you can get a day pass for 45$ or a weekend pass for 80$. its a 50 dollar reduction for the weekend so take advantage if you can. =]

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