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Armin would be better if he was Concord Dawn




...yea i said it




side note

Alifff i want to thank you for posting Italian Spiderman, I want you to know that i watched all 10 episodes and it changed my life


Lame with a capital fucking L. I spin drum and bass now but no way in hell I'd pick Concord Dawn over Armin.


Weekend is almost here. Everyone ready to crack massive sticks? I gotta get some.


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lol me and Gin were doing meetups when there were like 6 EC heads on this site, all it takes is a little passion and free time.   100% agree with what Rai said.   Us guys who have been around sinc

Live damn you - LIVE!

Houston we have lost audio.


oh noes. at least i have cake lol.


btw i want a cookie.



scratch that. as soon as it was typed sound came back. still want cookie.

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