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haha word up Rai. That's gonna be awesome with the DJ thing. Can't wait for the meetup. thousands of sticks is fun :dope but does cost alot...cept somehow you make it seem like the new pairs pop out of your wrists on command hehe. Good pics up there too lol. also:


10 Cyalume White 30 Min

10 Cyalume Green 12 Hr

20 Cyalume Blue 8 Hr

10 Cyalume White 30 Min



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lol me and Gin were doing meetups when there were like 6 EC heads on this site, all it takes is a little passion and free time.   100% agree with what Rai said.   Us guys who have been around sinc

Live damn you - LIVE!

Welcome back guys. Had tog et the room back up. Hope everybody's been aight. Let's have a Summer CP meet. Anybody down?



Yeah that'd be the bomb!

I'd bring DNA and RNA :)

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been there done that :P

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HEY EVERYBODY! I have been going crazy lately.


Getting all kinds of things prepared. I have another party going down in MAY! May12th to be exact!


I hope to see as many of you there as possible! Party @ My house all weekend! hahahhaa.


Rai & paul, im gunna come up there and steal you from your beds.


IPB Image

IPB Image


Get tickets here: www.wanttickets.com


Check out the party website: http://www.sincityphilly.com


Saturday May 12th, 2007


SinCity – The Official HIN AFTERPARTY,

Hosted By Kim Loan & the PRESTIGIOUS MODELS!!!


Gear up for the BIGGEST PARTY to ever hit PHILLY. With a huge outdoor tent, which can hold up to 4,000 people. 30 Artists, & lots of models from the HOT IMPORT NIGHTS Car Show!! NONSTOP ACTION, from 9pm to 6am!!!!


Big Outdoor TENT - Capacity 4,000 plus:

DJ Amaze

DJ Sojo

DJ Taigia

DJ Snoop


Special Live performances


Philly Styles


Kra Delara


In Door ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC - Capacity 2,500!!


The Main Room:

Filo & Peri





Jason Evan


The Velvet Underground:

Nigel Richards

Jason Jollins

Mark Pappas

Josh Holiday


Christian James


The Blue Room:

Robbie Tronco

Mighty Mike Saga


James Morris


Jay Shok

John Anthony



DJ Bis

Big Will

DJ 54


$15 Pre Sale Tickets



$15 Guest list (Guest list closes at 12)


Starts: 9:00pm

Ends: 6:00am

Cost: $15 (20 at the door)



Shampoo Nightclub

Willow Street (between 7th & 8th)

Philadelphia, PA




IPB Image

IPB Image

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having a summer meet up in NYC would be the best thing since sliced bread


cause i would definately go

i am going next year too


and me and my friends might also be going to Otakon 07 so if you are going PM me

i just wanna know so i can see you

tell me who you are gonna dress up as too

cause i just wanna see you there

give me ideas of who to dress up as too

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You have Filo and Peri and Mcguyver????!!!!??!!!! Why wasn't I informed of this

Vision. HAHA I'm in the Philippines right now and I read this shit and I just had to post. That's so sick how you got Mcguyver and Filio and Peri.

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yo guys randomly poppin in again heh...anyway this sincity thing is the day after my finals so i'm def gonna try to make it. should be pretty ill. shouldn't have a problem findin the gsc crew if i can make it :biggrin2:

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Def gotta hit up Sin City. Cleric. we goin or what? Andy said he's stealin us from our beds. That mean he's pickin us up. LOL


Neon come through man. We gotta chill.




*makes transforming robot noise*

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summer cp gooooooo

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god...i need the hell out of school...i want to come home to philly and go back to my regular clubbing schedule.... :dope




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im' out in long island but... OPEN INVITE FOR A 2-3 DAY LONG STICK SESSION at my place!! a whole empty floor for glowsticking

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