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  1. I can't post the flyer because of my phone being stupid, but Gammer will be in Denver on August 10th! 10$ tickets for a Hardcore legend, hope to see some of you there!
  2. Colorado threads should be reborn, anyone up for a meet in the future since Skylab isn't happening this year?
  3. I also would love to see Gsc get a reboot and going again, in whatever way I could help
  4. On the off chance anyone lurks anymore - Who's going to GDF this year?
  5. Skylab, or maybe before I Dream.
  6. Alright, I think its about time we all come out of hiding and do an actual meetup again. Anyone in?
  7. *BUMP* ... April 19th, At the Church. Anyone else?
  8. *BUMP* It's been way too long, and there's not nearly enough activity on here. Who's up for a meetup soon? Thanksgiving break? Or maybe a pre-meet before Frostbite in December?
  9. Hope you guys have tonight/tomorrow. Won't be able to make it to Denver for any of those
  10. So due to technicalites at work (*insert eye roll here*) I probably wont have the 24th off. Raincheck?
  11. If I could get people from FoCo to actually drive down to Denver, I'd be down Sticks.
  12. *BUMP*... Its been too long since I've seen any of the CO GSC'rs aside from Glowspazz and DDRM. Who's up for a meetup, sometime in the next month or so?
  13. 20th? -.- Wish I had seen this last week when I picked my schedule for the next two weeks.
  14. Would there be any interest in a pre-meet before EDC?
  15. I should have Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun off for the weekend of Caffeeine. Maybe at least a gathering at the Church on that friday night? Takers? Thoughts?
  16. **Bump** .... CO Meetup around Caffeine?
  17. I miss my fellow stickers :-(
  18. Ready for this...? Ill actually be there! lol... i miss u guys...
  19. I'd love to make it to another meet-up, let alone skylab, but I'm stuck working every weekend in Aug... September anyone?
  20. happy-belated-birthday.

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