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  1. My daughter was digging through an old box of my junk a few weeks ago, and came across an old pair of my practice sticks. Its been nearly a decade since I've used them, and several years, since I'd even freehanded period. Ahhhh, I miss the feel of the glow of a fresh pair of cyalumes in my palms. I was reluctant at first, but I came around and explained to her what they were. Now she's taking a liking to them. She wants to learn "The Old Craft", haha. Ordered a fresh set of sticks, hopefully I'll be back on and around, posting videos. I miss this place. And If my daughter can find the same hap
  2. Youre goin to NYC too? How about are you getting there? I've been trying to land a ticket with the Tiger Bus Lines, but I've been having some issues? Is it easier just to fly out there?

  3. hey im making the same nyc trip too.

  4. God it has really been that long. I been working and doing this paintball thing. Still making art work. you should vist the nova meet up !

  5. hey man. its been a year or two since i bumped into you at ota. how are you doin man? let me know!

  6. i've been back for a couple weeks now. i picked up my strings a while ago. jus been stringin stringin stringin

  7. DOOOOOD!!! come on back to the gsC. lets get somethin goin man!!!

  8. i feel like such an orphan...-sigh-
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