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  1. I miss you guys. just saw the flier from big liberty 2007 when we went to infected mushroom. damn we old.
  2. I'll be sure to bring a king size box of tissues then
  3. yeah. has been over run by the hip hop/younger crowd since forever ago... kinda why I dropped out of the scene because everything else was too far away. as Im sure you know the feeling... im too old for that shit. LOL but now that I have reliable vehicles.. a cool gf... and some extra $$$, I really want to get back into the scene at least a little bit because I hear stuff like ian carey "sos" and I remember what I miss about clubs.
  4. nah I didn't die. No time to go to clubs... plus a lot of other things. AND now the philly scene sucks and you guys don't blow up Shampoo anymore. =P I lurk. Just don't come out due to lack of $$$. Started posting again because I miss you guys.
  5. been forever. hope all is well =]
  6. nah man...Matt Damon
  7. he got fired because he loved too many people in the face.
  8. awesome zero, I will check in.
  9. is that what she says?
  10. I'll mark it down Vision. Looks like a sick night.
  11. What a crazy night last night! WOOOOO.
  12. Do it anyway you wuss.....you can do it.
  13. haha, go for it man, it'll be funnn
  14. Well, the one girl's name is Katie. I believe she is single. The other girl Jen however is with me . I will introduce you.
  15. Yes, I am. Always roll with my boy Tavas when there is an event at Shampoo. Also bringing some lady friends Guys, this is Hector. He lives in NY and I know him from snowboarding. Hector. I told you about this the other day remember. Hot Import Nights afterparty?? SIN CITY
  16. This weekend will be siicccckkkkk. WOOOO
  17. haha word up Rai. That's gonna be awesome with the DJ thing. Can't wait for the meetup. thousands of sticks is fun but does cost alot...cept somehow you make it seem like the new pairs pop out of your wrists on command hehe. Good pics up there too lol. also: 10 Cyalume White 30 Min 10 Cyalume Green 12 Hr 20 Cyalume Blue 8 Hr 10 Cyalume White 30 Min
  18. *pops out of hole...* that was close
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