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  1. It is not dead, I know in Colorado we prefer meeting face to face instead of talking online.
  2. Sorry we didn't go. We are thinking about decadence.
  3. Sounds like fun...when? Skylab?
  4. We will for sure be there!!
  5. I'm still here and so is a lot of the Colorado group. I see a majority of them on a weekly basis, or at least talk to them. We are all still glowsticking, but as it has been pointed out we are waiting for the forum to settle down before posting again. Glowspazz's Groupees: (hehe they would be so made if they actually saw this) Sticks DDRM Skittles JB Buzz Cammy Refuel Squirrel Kenny Hans Jay Chewy Pringle and so many more but I can't think of them at this second....
  6. Daniel, you remembered most of my name :-) We are probably going to be planning a meetup in January before Glo. I'll post information in the Colorado thread when I have more information. I'm glad my husband and I could motivate you to join the site and we would love to hang out again.
  7. I like the idea of meeting before frostbite.
  8. Come to Global Dance Festival. It is July 14th-16th. JB and I are going to be planning a meetup around that time. We also have a group that goes to The Church in downtown every Friday.
  9. We're hanging out?? Nice to know...lol
  10. A gathering at The Church can be easily done. I can put everybody on a guest list and even have my favorite photographer come and take pictures all night.
  11. huh?? You want a meet up on a Sunday? What does your post mean?
  12. we might be able to figure something out for that
  13. we probably can figure something out
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