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  1. GSC! Wow, this was a happy email to see in my inbox. I'm glad to see you all around. As for me, I got my MFA in creative writing, was working as an English professor at a few universities. My favorite papers/arguments with students have come down to them trying to teach their stuffy professor about EDM or raves. It's always fun to see their reactions to old GSC videos. Recently I have taken a small break for some family reasons and illnesses (all the old people got all of the cancers), and I have been working in an digital marketing firm as a content writer/content editor/copy editor
  2. I went to Get Lucky over the weekend and saw a few new faces. If you see this, feel free to message me. I was the guy using blue and white handles and jamming out as hard as he could to Gammer.
  3. That's called handles 8-} I'll see if I still have some ultras sitting in my closet. I think I might be able to throw something together.
  4. Ravioli (they were next to the canned meat in my pantry while growing up)
  5. rope (and oh hai there 2sec0, long time no whore)
  6. Ogden is a little too far north for my tastes, but if you're ever in SLC and know about it at least a little while before hand, put it on here and I'll try to make it.
  7. Holy balls, I haven't checked this thread in ages. I know it's forever since I posted in it, but I just thought that UT had started to slow down. Yay for certain 2 years breaks from doing things while you travel abroad! *cough* Missions *cough* I'll try to keep up on this thread to see what's going on, but feel free to PM me because I do get notifications on my gmail when people send me PM's on gs.c.
  8. Demo, stop whoring and make yourself useful. Go find a picture and make me laugh by turning it into a poster. GO! Finals week demands more internet humor so I can procrastinate more! NAO! Okay. . . . well maybe after you post one time in this thread so you can keep your record going, but get on it!
  9. GO WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS THREAD FOR A BIT! http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/12390-the-gsc-demotivational-poster-thread/page__pid__395258__st__220#entry395258 Go post whores! Go and make the world a happier place!
  10. Forever reply in the making: (I blame finals) yes, fluent in Swedish, quazi fluent in Norwegian and Danish. Practically a native speaker of Slacker. All great languages.

  11. You know Swedish as well? Good lord. Did you live in Sweden? If not, how did you learn the language? I desperately want to learn Norwegian/Swedish, and am planning to study abroad in Scandinavia during college.

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