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  1. Had to go digging around and found I still had the DVD. Have so many memories from this place. Feels like a lifetime ago. Basically a dumb kid who ran around meeting random people who Danced and gave light shows. I basically fell into the fire scene around 2010. I still occasionally spin stuff on insta. Currently about to return to university for graduate school so doubt I’ll have much free time. Haven’t even gone to a rave in like 8 years. Randomly looked up the first EDC I went to in like 04 or 05 and saw a bunch of GSC videos. Pretty crazy.
  2. Oh. You should talk with Cody. He goes to a lot of parties. Or start a thread. Other people might be going too.

  3. Too bad you didnt find out about us earlier. We have a cool group of people in Nor Cal :)

  4. Jay

    I forgot that I got a light show from you at lovefest.. lol

    It was pretty good :)

  5. umm I think I fixed my mailbox. Ill come up with something I guess. When do you need it by again?

  6. i Know.. thats why I couldnt eat them all :(

  7. Yeah, It was taken at a local diner place. It was at like 2 in the morning and It was soo much I couldnt eat it all.. but I was really happy so I made it into a smiley face :)

    lol... Now I use it as my online pic.

  8. hi :)

    What part of cali are you from?

  9. When you tell people that you can dance.... but only if you have shoe laces with sticks attached at the ends.
  10. If you still think that glowsticks are cooler than fire.. If everytime you see a person spinning something you wonder if they are a stringer or not.
  11. I wish I could travel like you do. We have to hang out more next time. EDC is not a good time to meet somebody :(

  12. Hi Shelly :) I saw you in the girls comp. REALLY cool!

    How is your summer going?

  13. It would have been cool to have you there. You missed out on some good laughs. See you next time.

  14. Jay

    you too man..

    The only reason I knew it was you was because you were wearing the hat lol

  15. Jay

    are there very many glowstickers in Mexico? I wouldn't think that there would be that many.

  16. Jay

    cool. So how are things in Tijuana? I hear things are starting get crazy there now with all of the drug lords and everything.

  17. The coupon worked for me. It only takes off %5 from the ultras you buy.
  18. Jay

    So how are you liking things around here so far?

  19. Nat Nat Nat Natalie!


  20. hi pet :)

    I need more house videos..

    any other good ones?

  21. Jay

    saw you in the collab. Just thought I would say hi. :)

  22. hey. It was nice finally getting to meet you. Its nice to know that you are just as fun to be around in person as you are online.

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