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  1. I am writing this many years later after so much has happened on a site that I have no clue if anyone will ever read.... Glowsticking.com was the number one website for the art of glowsticking. It linked up people all over the world and allowed people to learn, love, and respect each other all over a 1$ piece of plastic. It was a place where we could have fun, we could be free, where we can learn and be part of something when some had nothing left. This was the safe haven for people who might not have anything in the world..... So what happened? Where did we all g
  2. lol like 3 years ago cuz i was a dick lol
  3. judge dredd is a badass mother fucker and once again man its great to see you back on the forums!

  4. Hey Guys, Kind of wanna make this quick because i have work. But God i missed all of you, I still love you all, and i am sorry for all the shit i put you guys through. It feels awkward for me to even post here because of all the things i did. But i just, miss Home with you all....
  5. Ok for the People joining the site new This is a Prime Example of how not to act.
  6. Guess whose back Yea.....im starting to not give a shit about work O yea...and 1 belt is never enough....
  7. Either way the story goes thats still fucking hilarious
  8. Electronic Monopoly =D Im playing it too XD
  9. Rob, sorry about last night! I think our connection got cut off but I hope you enjoy the demo, man!

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