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    http://uhm.... www.myspace.com/liutenantdeathwish I'm too lazy to create my own from scratch so I'll just steal the myspace domain
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    Brooklyn, NYC. by atlantic Ave and liberty Ave close to some school
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    Snowboarding, surfing, parying, general fun. <br />Meeting new people (I need to expand my army for world domination >:-] ), partying and all of the above. Overall if you have some kinda fun think to do I'm down.
  1. who is up for this one!? I'm going to be down there with the colombian crew
  2. lol we cancelled Pacha on saturday, Boris bday bash, and that's in the city, if I wouldn't have messed up my car, I would have been there.... I would have gotten 100+ days of riding too lol.... aahhh I need a new car
  3. oh man, if it wouldn't be mother's day on sunday I would be down
  4. can I crash??... and Dan whatdoyamean by a sick weekend uh, is there some event I am not aware of??...
  5. Name:Hector Age:21 Gender:Male Location:NYC Interests:snowboarding,music, clubbing, parties, you name it I'm most likely down Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:Transworld Snowboarding, that other cool new snowboarding magazine that comes with dvds (sorry my memory is in the gutter right now...)/Planet Earth, I can remember any more names Musical Interest:Trance, dance, Progressive, House Goal in the next 5 years: be out of college lol Goal in the next 20 years: hard to tell What turns you on about the opposite sex: attitude, personality, confidence, th
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