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  1. Shhhh no one will know my secret identity!

  2. Patrick Swayze?! lolol

  3. nice meeting you at your celebration. ur an awesome fellow. was invited but unaware it was a bday bash of yours til that very night.

  4. you can always seduce him then break his heart ;)

    if anything serious happens, I'll make sure he drinks until he passes out/gets alcohol poisoning >:D

  5. uh oh. if it's that serious i should maybe bring a tranquilizer too in that case... j/k. dont worry i can take him down! j/k

  6. dear nats... bring a strait-jacket in case I snap and go after one of the guys at the camping trip ;)

  7. easy? where are you?

  8. that's awesome!

    I guess I'll see you guys there :P

  9. happy birthday eddie! hope things are going well for you and have a good one!

  10. yup i booked my reservations already! camping here we go! cant wait =D

  11. good luck with the interview!

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