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  1. Im not too big of a HHC fan, but I enjoy some of italian sensation. And I know he will throw a bangin set so I'm not sure if I want to go just yet!
  2. Utah actually has a pretty decent scene compared to the rest of the U.S. haha
  3. Ever year I hear that legends is a fail
  4. Best bet is to hit up a common party. Supposed to be a huge party may 28th Well, two as of right now. V2 hasn't announced if its going to be benny benassi, Deadmau5 or David Guetta yet. And a new company is bringin out Marcus Shulz the same night!!
  5. Good meeting you at dreamland wipeout. Some good stringing skills, surprised we didn't kill anyone with how many ppl we hit / got in our way!
  6. I should be going. Will actually have my strings with me this time lol
  7. I shall be attending tiesto! And marcel woods next weekend
  8. Transmit tonight. So pumped. Ferry is gonna kill it!!!!!! Look for me if you go. Very tall (6' 6'') skinny kid and will be wearing a light blue Analog "Ag" Shirt. Hopefully have strings in my hands haha
  9. Tiesto is coming November 20th. I will wait to see who is playing at legends. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna be at marcus schossow / Rank 1 in december too.
  10. Idk, Dier made it sound like there will be one haha. But yeah, I'll be at Get freaky. I plan on going to Transmit (Ferry corsten), Klaas, Get Freaky, Tiesto, Dreamland, DJ dean and maybe legends once I find out who is playing. Not going to iglow because I think it will be just like Basshunter was (a pop concert) lol. I have a cd of Pault Anthony and ZXX, but haven't listened to it yet
  11. I WILL be at the Get freaky meet this year. BTW, anyone going to ferry corsten this friday? or Klaas next saturday? I will be at both, and would like to see some of you guys. LMK!
  12. Yoji just needed to play more of HIS music. I could barely catch any of it. When he dropped sandstorm tho... it was nuts!!! Trust me, if you like hardstyle AT ALL. You will love this show
  13. Hell, I wish I could even go up to the bar. I am pumped to see what 'The Rail' is like for scot project. The pictures of it make it seem pretty damn nice!! Are you guys ready for dreamland? Pretty much the Gods of hardstyle are coming
  14. I'll probably going to scot project! For sure going to Klaas and Kyau and albert. Might be going to carl cox and ferry corsten We'll see. Screw the promoters for bringing out so much talent in such short period of time!
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