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  1. I love your signature!!


  2. You're from Waukesha? Amazing! I think you're the closest GS.c member to my area!

  3. Actually, during the summer and fall months there are some pretty sweet campouts up in Black River Falls.

    You can usually find em on www.chilluminati.org

  4. Oh Ya, lol thats prety cool, if only there were some kinda raves around by us, rite?

  5. Ah, you're up past Madison! I'm about 2hrs -ish south-east in East Troy.

    That's right by Alpine Valley Music Theatre.

  6. I live in Beaver Dam, you?

  7. Where in Wisconsin are you from?

  8. You play Kingdom Hearts, dont you?

  9. Always a pleasure to be friends with a fellow stringer!

  10. Just showin some love for our friends in the Armed Forces.

    Hope you're getting the respect it demands from everyone.

  11. Wow bro, that means alot. Especially from a gs.c'er. That's correct Marines. And as for you're friend, well the Marine Corps. tends to give us A LOT of confidence, as it should, the things we never thought we'd do. But it also depends on the person on how the pride is shown and carried. I love to drink too, lol but I don't very often (binge drinker) rah!lol

  12. I just wantd to say that I highly respect you as a Marine. Right? Marines?

    My best friend is a Marine. Although I think it kinda turned him into more of an belligerent drunken man.

    I respect all of our Armed Forces, and I hope you get the respect that you deserve from everyone!

  13. Wow, another juggler! Thought I was the only one.

    What's your favorite prop and how many?

  14. Sit down with some fine herbals and give that album a listen, it will probably blow your mind :)

  15. Hey, if you like PTH for technical proficiency you may also want to check out another one of my favorite albums: The Ocean - Precambrian. Make no mistake, totally different style, but it seems that everyone who knows good music from shoe polish likes The Ocean.

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