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  1. Greetings glowstickers of all sorts and hues, We are pleased to announce yet another meeting of the minds. BROOMS illuminated our hearts and cultivated strong connections. Join us for a weekend retreat in Northern California at the flowship enterprise October 3rd- 6th, 2019. Spaces are limited, available first come first serve basis. Beds and tickets are limited. Below is a price breakdown for tickets and lodging options. Weekend Event Entry w/o lodging - $65Weekend Event Entry + Lodging - $95Single Day Pass- $30“Private” deluxe suite - $300 *2 spaces available, queen beds in each space, room
  2. Psttt i have a question.. Aim me when u get the chanse =x

  3. John! Dude, it was great to talk to you finally after seeing you at different NorCal events in the past. Glad you made it home safe and I will see you at LovEvolution!

  4. global J lives up to the name

  5. sup j! norcal lovefest wahooo!

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