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  1. is back in the mix!

  2. Keep the change. ROADHOUSE.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not much Joe, just here living life y0. I haven't been glowsticking really, I been Tutting and Dancing more. Just working and what not, we still need to hang out man. Somehow we must solve this problem.

  5. What up Andrei - long time no talk man. How have you been? I've still been cubing and stringing here and there =)

  6. OH snaps! It's the Broken Rubik's Cube cuber!!!

  7. You sir are a Broken Stringer!

  8. Damn man you can like do everything, you're broken.

  9. I gotta go watch the JuJu video now...

  10. Yes..nothing TOPS cheap patrick dance. Priceless.

  11. Yes! Patrick-dance time? :D

  12. and that's not a random note by the way, its more like ANDREI YOU @&$#&@ YOU OWE ME MONEY! *cough* i accidently typed that...

  13. of course and I will bring a ultra with me to show the world how bright you make my heart shine.

  14. you better come back...cause i'm gonna be a lonely girl.


  15. lol what the hell

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