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  1. is back in the mix!

  2. Not much Joe, just here living life y0. I haven't been glowsticking really, I been Tutting and Dancing more. Just working and what not, we still need to hang out man. Somehow we must solve this problem.

  3. OH snaps! It's the Broken Rubik's Cube cuber!!!

  4. You sir are a Broken Stringer!

  5. Damn man you can like do everything, you're broken.

  6. Yes..nothing TOPS cheap patrick dance. Priceless.

  7. and that's not a random note by the way, its more like ANDREI YOU @&$#&@ YOU OWE ME MONEY! *cough* i accidently typed that...

  8. of course and I will bring a ultra with me to show the world how bright you make my heart shine.

  9. dude i shine like diamonds in the sun.

  10. cheap anddrewwww. go stringing manips for brokes.

  11. Dude what's up!!

  12. y0 dude when is the best day to come over and have Glitch Day? Saturday or Sunday?

  13. Oh yeah? Nice dude, hahaha.

  14. ey y0 man where's puff daddy at??


  15. DUDE! ASOT 400 is like 3 days long! WTFFFF.

  16. hell yeah!! RE5!!

  17. New York! Whoooooo!!

  18. well....when you guys leaving on saturday?

  19. Andrei

    eee chueko danny, SD Meetup next weekend man, you best mix something for me. I wanna hear a mix live from you Danny Van 86

  20. DAMN SD MEETUP NEXT WEEKEND! dear o dear, sucks I don't have money to tag along. Make sure you spin a AM PM intro for me pat!

  21. Come on in to AMPM where you can finally get your copy of TRE Powermix 1 year later. SANDWICHHH!!!!

  22. What's up dude!? Long time man long time. How are you?


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