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  1. lol Right? You can only glow stick here, but not there. If you glowstick there, it's bad, because... reasons.
  2. Dave must still be paying a few bucks a month to keep this site running I guess. Or maybe he moved it to an old computer he leaves on all the time in his bedroom.
  3. As you can tell, it's pretty much dead, but I remember you.
  4. Cyalume was always the brand we used. Later glowarehouse.com was also popular. Amazon appears to have good prices on the cyalume sticks.
  5. Sounds like you're agreeing with me rorok lol. I'm just saying go have fun. I'm just saying don't worry about, "Am I allowed to glowstick here?" If you want to glowstick, do it. You're right the what if game doesn't really mean anything. People do bad things all the time, and setting a bunch of rules isn't going to stop a bad person from doing bad things. That applies to all situations in life. If you are nice to others, they're generally going to be nice back and you'll enjoy yourself much more. There will always be people who are confrontational and looking to start problems. My poin
  6. Yeah... I know you guys might not like this, but I agree with Osho. These rules are dumb. Glowstick at a school dance if you want.I don't care about the culture. I just want to dance and have fun anywhere. What do you mean people in high school are going to understand? What is there to understand? He's dancing with glowsticks. That looks cool and it's fun. Who cares if you perform at a talent show? Everybody's going to see it and think it's awesome. Nothing bad is going to come from it. All of this stuff in your heads.
  7. It's all about the right pants. Glowsticks aren't soft like a hacky sack, so they bounce off your shoe easily. You can do it with shorts and just catch it on your shoe, but it's way harder. Just let some baggy pants do the work for you.
  8. I'm sitting around waiting for all of the socal freehanders to come back. It's kind of depressing.
  9. Come back dave! :(

  10. Well cynicdave must still be around, since the site's still here. When this site started it was pretty much only freehanding. James, The Brothers Chu, Paul.... I miss them.
  11. cheap intellect rusty.

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