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  2. I just thought I'd say hi; I'm not here to stay. Cody, you can always talk to me on instant message or facebook
  3. Missing you Linz.. ;.;

  4. I love you and your BLOG.

  5. Lin-Z

    nope, I live in seattle =p

  6. JunO

    were u at MM?

  7. why would i have to do the cleaning D: don't we have a robot for that now or something?
  8. oh snap it's joker! I don't think anyone knows who they are anymore, ed. /existential crisis
  9. yeah, that one. I think it was flames of epyon or whatever his name is.
  10. the post whore family takes pretty much everyone. There was only one person in the history of the PWF who was rejected. So yes, kryptonite can join.
  11. the magic of Stumble Upon
  12. this one is for adam, and all the cellists out there http://www.groovygrooves.com/video/cello-t...ers-barbie-girl
  13. damn, son! it's glowflow!
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