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    China, but I'm not asian ^_^
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    Reading, writing, video games, music, cartoons, drawing, and laughter. ^_^ All makes the world go round.
  1. Happy Birthday Lady! :P

  2. Azzie

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Yo...I haven't been on in like...a whole damn year. School is tai meng le. (very busy) <---is learning chinese -waves to everyone I know- Bye
  4. So...I'll get my championship back later
  5. -attacks Qomwak- YOU WILL PAY!!!
  6. Yeees, that's what I had in mind
  7. -shakes Martian's hand- Now, what would have better ratings? Qomwak tied to that little balloon while I regain my championship? Or just all out senseless violence?
  8. I better get a free copy and 60% of the profits
  9. Ohhhh...there will be....revenge...
  11. Problem is I refuse to pay a $30,000 tuition for random classes, if I'm paying for my classes I want the classes I need I might end up having to do that for summer though...we'll see
  12. Yes -nods head in agreement- I'm back from Washington. UW campus is huge...damn school can't seem to get me into any of my classes though. They're all full, so if they can't get me into any of them...no school for Lady this semester! Or year...how hard is it to catch up in classes if I join the next semester/quarter and make the rest up over summer??? Anybody know??? Anyway -waves-
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