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  1. Glowsticking tip: You can draw inspiration from so many different things in life. I'd suggest at some point watching videos of different prop manipulations, dancing, and other performing arts. A lot of my moves for example where inspired by yo yo.
  2. Glowsticking tip: Try every type of move! Even if you don't think something is too appealing, or even if it doesn't have the best feel, the more well rounded you become the more you will see improvement in all areas of glowsticking.
  3. Glowsticking Tip: If you are having trouble picking up a move, try practicing something else! Giving your mind a break can often help you get past a wall. Trying different moves works your brain in new ways and may just unlock the door you need to learn something new.
  4. Glowstringing tip: If you have trouble learning a move, try doing the move with one hand at a time! After you feel comfortable with each hand then you can try putting it all together!
  5. Glowsticking Tip: If you microwave your glowsticks, they will get brighter! Be careful though, if you microwave them too long, they will explode.
  6. Glowstringing tip! Try to find shoelaces that don't stretch. It helps a lot with consistently landing moves at different speeds!
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