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  1. No worries! I'll enjoy it for the both of us if nothing else. Keep in touch though, it's good that there are two of us in Kansas City area at least, haha ^_^

  2. Not sure if I will be headed to GDF. I want to, but we just moved into our new apartment, and taking the puppy to the vet so time/money is not exactly lenient right now :(

  3. Hey, you goin' to GDF @ the midland?

  4. Tryin to make something happen for EDC in Vegas... let me know if your interested.

  5. In case anyone missed it, there are now states wanting to ban bath salts. Really?

  6. 87% on the first exam of the semester...Was going for an A, but this will do I suppose.

  7. So freaking ready for this weather to pass.

  8. So much music, so little hard drive space...

  9. Thank you VA for dragging your ass on my monthly allotment. Again. In fact, continue to take your time. It's not like I haven't been in class every month for nearly the past three years. I am sure seeing me on your "owed" list confused the ba-jesus out of you. My bad.Even after the VA had this HUGE post on their site about their "new, improved" system to "expedite allotment payments to those who need them."

  10. Ah, another Friday night spent sitting in front of this thing, looking at dozens of IP address schemes and now onto the C++.

  11. Hmm...3.86 GPA. Who'd a thunk it, eh?

  12. Just finished my last final for this semester. Time for night on the town

  13. So another judge is going to make his ruling if it is unconstitutional to make citizens 'required' to but health insurance. (i.e. the new law from the Obama administration)Hopefully he rules on the side if common sense.

  14. Might go splurge on a pair of new pants today. Have not bought clothes in a while...But the only ones I like are online :( boooooooo

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