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  1. Yoooo jin. Ima pm u my number. We gotta catch up soon.
  2. VERY VERY good editing. Good stuff man.
  3. OHHHHHH SHIT ^DARKSEED^ !!! Went to a Stella Artois pouring competition last night with OldMan.... shit was fucking awesome.
  4. Proof of concept video..... YES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_MqZn7E-mk&feature=player_embedded
  5. pick a date and I'll request off. and your driving? Im there.
  6. Damn... shampoo is still around?
  7. WHOA burnzy..... thought you died. Holy fuck... thought you died 2.
  8. Dude. Don't be a ghost again when u come back. Ill def be down to chill whenever.
  9. something happened this weekend?
  10. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/ph...;id=19287132589
  11. Just because you guys mobbed the floor doesn't change the fact Aden was made to leave.
  12. Made Event wants all glowstickers to breath in some broken zyklon b canisters
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my EC brothers and sisters.
  14. Dawg I meet bitches discrete bitches street bitches slash cocoa puff sweet bitches
  15. Rai was a shit student though.
  16. I was just thinking about how crazy ssbmu '10 is gonna be.
  17. so when are u coming back?
  18. 5 hour energy sucks. The mini redlines are where its at.
  19. Zero failed planning 101
  20. W0000000000000000 GRUNGE AND FUCKIN GLOW
  21. Now that was a fucking party.
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