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  1. lol brian i didn't know you still stalk me ;D <3 @adrillf congrats on the upcoming glow baybehh i will be making it 'being around everywharrrrrr'
  2. Hello, I just have a question. What is the song that was used for glow love 5? Thank you.

  3. lego_seal_hawk@yahoo.com

  4. Hey, ive been watching your vids that you post on GSC and on youtube. One thing ive noticed, and idk if people notice to the response you post on, but im assuming your a furry? If so do you have a FA account or a Furspace? 2nd Life. Anyways your vids inspire me alot. But if you wna talk er somethin, its cool here's meh email lego...

  5. lol idk maybe xD :) but yeah gonna post whore more . but this is kinda creepy. 100+ guests online and like.. 2 members online. this place is a ghost town x.x

  6. Dude, welcome fucking back, yooo. We missed your epic videos and post whoring xD You gonna release footage for project old school, man?

  7. 6 more posts to 6666!

  8. i ment to have him email you the footage. you dont have to crack new ones but that would be nice. hey hey hey. if you have a bunch of led sticks hidden or somewhere accessable then you could tape them together for 15in ranbow wall type thing of awsomeness. not at your house of course

  9. well if glowsticks were not allowed in this household then i can't really buy and get my shit shipped here .. and i'm out of 15in bad boys

  10. you shouldnt have to wait around for it. take matters into your own hands. you made me a promise. o.o

  11. lol i don't make kandi but i get quite a few of them xodiac knivez plur believe faith
  12. things have been calm she's leaving me alone but glowsticking is still banned in the household. and as for the 15 in ultras.. well.. syphonkiller's cousin never gave me my raws xD

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