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  1. lol me and Gin were doing meetups when there were like 6 EC heads on this site, all it takes is a little passion and free time. 100% agree with what Rai said. Us guys who have been around since way back when have gotten caught up in real life, but that's how it goes. We've invested a lot into glowsticking & the community, because we loved it & wanted to share that with others. But we've put in our time, it's time for others to step up. The meetups were intended to meet, share with and teach new people -- and those new people should eventually step up and take the torch. But see
  2. gs.c street fighter games... I like it
  3. gonna have to count me out for the 21st/22nd. sorry guys, I know we talked about it but I forgot that my childhood friend's graduation dinner is that night =\ i'm gonna be in Montreal the week after too damn i'm a lamer
  4. My dude, we need to hang out when you're around! I second Spazz's suggestion for CC meetup. old school unite!
  5. Dude that sounds fucking dope! Just finished my last final, now it's time for a few days of partying before I head home on Monday! I will be back sooooooon any dope parties coming up??
  6. After the 21st, and preferably before late January please?
  7. Greetings from Europe! Yes, a couple friends and I visited Paris this past weekend Coming back December 21st-ish, I miss you all and will see you all in a month!
  8. yo Syphon, you can edit HD video right? I need to ask you about something--what's your AIM name? mine is "itzdeej", get at me when you get the chance.
  9. My dude, you know I would be in there if I wasn't in the Netherlands right now, lol! I'll party it up for you over here brotha.
  10. So yeah. I'm gonna be leaving the country for 5 months on Monday (the 17th)!! I'll be studying abroad at Leiden University in the Netherlands, about half an hour outside of Amsterdam. For those I won't be able to see before I leave, it was awesome seeing you guys again after being out of the scene for so long =D I'm sorry I'll have to leave again so soon, wish I could stick around and party with you guys some more! I'll be hitting up some sickkkk parties in the Netherlands hopefully to make up for it though-- someone mail me some glowsticks lmao The progress I saw in the EC is c
  11. Any house events coming up soon? I kinda wanna get my funk on
  12. this is why people hate anime and anime fans
  13. whoa it's JINRAVE! LOL what's good homie? Haven't seen you in forever
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