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  1. I haven't talked to you forever! I hope all is well! What's the next party you're hitting?

  2. Very cool what is going on with your vids. I've been dabbling in gloving and glowchcuking. I use a combination of Rav'n and Innovas. Target has Innovas for pretty cheap and I like the effects better than the lights from DealExteme. I got solid lites and color changing lights from DealExtreme awhile ago but you can get LED bulbs online that are super bright. I prefer having the lights inside the gloves and the gloves seem to make the light source look bigger as it glows compares to a pinpoint source like a led bulb.
  3. Hey man great meetup appreciate the drinks we had :) lookin forward to more good times!! hope to see ya at the next event/meetup.

  4. good to see you getting active ..

  5. Tony, great meeting you man! The flowtoys looked great as well. Did I read that right, 35? At least I'm not only older person here. It's all about how you feel right? See you at Fabulous!

  6. dude! you look almost 6-8yrs younger than ur suppose to be .

  7. i guess cya tommorow huh

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