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    through a video on house of rave... I think... it was a long time ago.

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    Overland park, KS
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    Freehanding, Dancing, EDM (especially the neurofunk!), Art and Photography, live music, movies, computer games (FPS and adventure games), and kandi :D
  1. hey man, it means A LOT to me to know I inspired you! Also, your finger iso tutorial is really nice. its something i've never really experimented with, but after watching it and actually understanding the concept, i'm gonna start working on it. So now YOU have inspired ME. :D Keep on sticking!

  2. So i saw that you got back on here last night in the chat and ive never had the chance to say hey, btw you are one of my freehand inspirations and im glad to see you back on the boards.

  3. No problem. :'3 The comments are nice. ^ ^~

    Hope you had a good birthday!

  4. yeah i love using this comment feature :D woot woot no problem dude :D

  5. thanks for the birthday wishes man! i never realized this feature existed until just now.

  6. yo thanks for the birthday wishes man! i never even knew this feature existed, so I just got it.

  7. yo happy birthday man! enjoy it and take it easy!

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