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    well i like to work on cars and have fun with my friends,glowsticking,doin flips im a tricker what can i say lol um streetracing sports and jus being crazy ol me

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  1. Holy hell! I can't believe i remembered how to log in here!! Been over 16 years!!! 

  2. Happy birthday. :)

  3. Name: chris AkA I.M.O Age: 18 Gender: male Location: liberal kansas Interests: glowstringing workin on cars sports party and raceing Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: dont read books/ import tuner/ i dono Musical Interest: techno,rock,rap, basicaly anything Goal in the next 5 years: to be out of this crap hole of a town Goal in the next 20 years: have a family have my own shop and jus still alive What turns you on about the opposite sex: legs If i had a million dollars I would: give 1/2 to reasurch faciltys and keep half for me I am
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