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  1. Fucking ST patties day lol. well hellow DAY !
  2. lol i dunno man 365 straight days is a rought challenge to put upon my self. lol. even i get busy some times
  3. Hey hey hey now. Dont come in here with your needle trying to burst my bubble lol. I will make 365 days and i promise that! Whats your post in a row count demo? Just curious cause i have no clue ha ha
  4. ok ha ha my bad man. well right on dude glad to see people joining back in the glory of forums ha ha

  5. Day 5 HA HA HA! sorry if i am excited about only 5 post ha ha. Mayple i see you live in Riverside. Thats sick man i have family out there and family like next door in chino. Where in riverside are you?
  6. what da ya mean you'll do what you can? lol. forgive me if i said or commented somewhere and not remembering lol

  7. Muahahahahahahaha DAY 4 IN A ROW! WOOT WOOT i smell sweet sweet victory!!!!!!!
  8. Hey if i went away maple who would be left to keep these forums ALIVE muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. JUST KIDDING But really this is day 3 and i only have 362 days left and i promise you ill hit all of them!
  9. Glad to be back man. The last year i dropped a lot of things for school. But now i finally got my bachelors and im ready to free my mind body and DANCE! LOL

  10. HA HA HA. EXCELLENT! This is day two and its literally right under my day 1 post!!!!! HA HA HA thats funny
  11. Maybe i can go 365? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA heres day 1
  12. Hey man just wanted to say thanks for the finger iso through thread idea. Very sick looking and very helpful man. +1000 points!

  13. getting used to the new layouts

  14. getting used to the new layouts

  15. Hey man im going to TAO and i was wanting to know if you had those pics and footy from devils night? DUDE T A O

  16. Yo man great job in the circle. It was hella sick meeting you. Your finger iso's are getting really clean man. your freehanding is quite good man all i can say is keep up the dance ha ha.

  17. Spazz thanks for the vid comment man. I hope you have a lil something up your sleeve man. and damn right we'll crack some sticks.

  18. LMAO. a hooker and yatzzze lol......totally cool...

  19. Oh yeah for the party? Its going to be June 26 and 27th

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