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  1. ok ha ha my bad man. well right on dude glad to see people joining back in the glory of forums ha ha

  2. what da ya mean you'll do what you can? lol. forgive me if i said or commented somewhere and not remembering lol

  3. Glad to be back man. The last year i dropped a lot of things for school. But now i finally got my bachelors and im ready to free my mind body and DANCE! LOL

  4. Hey man just wanted to say thanks for the finger iso through thread idea. Very sick looking and very helpful man. +1000 points!

  5. getting used to the new layouts

  6. getting used to the new layouts

  7. Hey man im going to TAO and i was wanting to know if you had those pics and footy from devils night? DUDE T A O

  8. Yo man great job in the circle. It was hella sick meeting you. Your finger iso's are getting really clean man. your freehanding is quite good man all i can say is keep up the dance ha ha.

  9. Spazz thanks for the vid comment man. I hope you have a lil something up your sleeve man. and damn right we'll crack some sticks.

  10. LMAO. a hooker and yatzzze lol......totally cool...

  11. Oh yeah for the party? Its going to be June 26 and 27th

  12. GIN MAN! ! ! I miss you. Your attending EDC i assume yes?

  13. Ha ha. Are you going for both days? Cause its so not worth it just for one. LOL.

  14. Ha ha> EEEEEE >.<


    And what do you mean this time. lol. i didnt know i was supposed to last time. thanks for letting me know now!@# geez. MUAH

  15. BRIAN MAN I MISs YOU. LOL. going to be at EDC??????


  17. Sorry to hear that.

    Life is cool. Just work chilling and school.

  18. HOLA! Ha ha ha. Hows life yo?

  19. Ha ha ha. Yeah i am glad i made it too. I was so tired tho. I was up since 11:30 friday morning. And no problem man. If you love to glowstick there is no reason to be shy because for every 1 person hating theres about 20 that will always enjoy seeing someone with sticks having fun. Ha ha. Cant wait to see all of you again.

  20. Ha ha ha. Yeah we will for sure have to chill.

  21. DUDE. It was bad ass meeting you. I had fun with everyone. But i had one hell of a time trying to spell your GSC name. Ha ha ha.

  22. Dude it was hella cool meeting you over the weekend. Crazy party and crazy vibes. Hopefully next year isint so unorganized.

  23. For sure dude. Yeah man i wish i got to meet everyone there but i was running round trying to find friends and my bag of ultras not to mention a few of my things got jacked so ya know. But hopefully i can make it out to a meetup to see everyone again man.

  24. those blue things have something to do with posts i think

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