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  1. Excellent editing. I'm glad it turned out so well =) Also, you didn't screw up, it wasn't your fault with the clouds and stuff.
  2. You better be ready to give him 100 points... he has most (all?) of the editing done already =P
  3. FlowRate's super special premiere collab submission (due to previous technical difficulties, not lack of trying, haha.) Thanks cheneric and melvenorc12!!
  4. Too bad I lost my remaining two ultras. Oh wellll. (I don't have $50 to order more glowsticks atm =P)
  5. I got the report but I guess I was too late to give a suspension for abusing the alert a moderator button XD. HI EAST COAST!
  6. bug's bunny: "what's up doc?"

  7. Welcome to my friend, Jessi Now we have two Reno/Sparks stringers on here XD.
  8. Hi Ange. I haven't PW'd much lately either. Huzzah school!
  9. phishing. (identity theft)
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