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  1. getting ready for EDC!

  2. Says its your birthday, so Happy Birthday!

  3. Woops, forgot a word...


  4. zin

    No matter where I turned EDC weekend, I always ran into you. =P Hope you enjoyed it!

  5. You All In, Chicken Pecs?

  6. Get Some Work Done!

  7. zin

    Lananananananana. Hi.

  8. zin

    I mean alffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  9. zin


  10. zin

    Skitty Katt

  11. Fricken awesome man!~!

  12. zin

    Jujubeats was awesome! It was great meeting you even if I didn't properly introduce myself, haha!

  13. Yes! It was awesome! I hope I see you around at future events!

  14. SHEELLLLYYY!!! Sorry I missed the Hawaii meetup, I was short on cash! I'll definitely be at edc again this year, so I better see you there!

  15. When is it? I'd love to go back to hawaii to visit!

  16. Visit you where? I'd love to go anywhere but Vegas. I severely hate this town! The only party I was looking forward to here turned 21+...

  17. Don't miss me anymore, for I am BACK!

    Thanks for the awesome time at EDC!

  18. The Real Kristen!

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