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  1. Candace Parker was recently featured on 2K22 MT the cover for NBA2K22. Her former Los Angeles Sparks teammate and mentor, Lisa Leslie, paved the way when she was featured in Backyard Basketball in 2001. These are the results of Leslie's inclusion and how Parker's focus will lead to greater exposure. Candace Parker has been chosen to be on the cover of NBA2K22 and is the first women's player to earn that distinction. Actually, it was her Los Angeles Sparks teammate and mentor Lisa Leslie who paved the way for women's participation in basketball games. Leslie was a Humungous Entertainment's
  2. Madden 22 ratings tracker – Updated list with top NFL players by position , for 2022's release EA Sports will slowly reveal player ratings for Madden NFL 22 as they show on Mut 22 coins various ESPN platforms. The Kickoff Special, which took place at 12:30 pm on July 25, was the first step. ET on ESPN. The show revealed the first rookie ratings, along with the ratings of random players. The positions for each group will then be revealed before the complete list. The player ratings will be roughly the same that they were last year, provided that there aren't any major changes to Madde
  3. It's all fine and all however, what do you think Jagex have dealt with OSRS Gold Ice Strykewyrms? That question should have been answered by Jagex. They shouldn't bother reading topics. They should have designed a poll instead, allowing members to vote whether there should be an agreement or not. The votes should be filtered like a madman as this is done. They should be capable of checking which votes were cast by specific groups, for example: Members who do not have 93 Slayer. Members without the Fire cape and with 93 Slayer. Members who have 93 Slayer, and wearing a Fire cape. While it
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