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  1. Welcome! This website is pretty inactive but I know where some glowstickers hang out online
  2. Joker held the winning position for 11 months and 20 days. Then I come out of nowhere...
  3. Hi, I'm Moloch, I usually am on Discord but I joined the Glowsticking Discord. Forums are very inactive here, much like where I used to hang out in Home of Poi back in06/07. Just thought I'd say hi, I used to freehand in Denver in 06 and switched exclusively to glowstringing for a year and then left behind glowsticks perhaps in 07, at the Burn. A dude named Clutch hopped into MasterOng and Friends and convinced me to get back into glowsticking, didn't take much convincing honestly. Feels great to see glowsticking come back to life in my life. Freehanding as a smarter, older person means I
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