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  1. Appears my biggest weakness...my left caught up finally or at least much better by learning gloving over last month...not that I even glowstick long about a year now old dogg New tricks Freehand with better ROM and Dexterity thanks gloving
  2. I've never taken a class at w but I'm 3 hours from chicago and started partying in 1996 so caught the mid to tail side of the bright of house and techno both on wisconsin so chicago and detroit big part of the scene of course
  3. I've been known to hibbit the house hops at Jaks house . being in the Midwest it's kind of a thing 😉😃🤘
  4. Well Besides the affiliate marketing bot looks like i get to pop the noobs cherry.......... Personally just an old raver new to the glowsticks world. just at about a year but really as of consistently I'd say 04/20 ...well that was not intentional. Glowsticking holds a special place in my heart after the last 15 mos. or so... It really could be said it saved my life..quite a story to long to type but willing to share somewhere someday w/ whoever... you can get a glimpse in the description of this video.
  5. Old head baby flow persona

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