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  1. extremeglow.com Noob! What was your old SN?
  2. I get so excited whenever I see a post from you Wil. And its a bonus thrill to hear that you still dabble in stringing. Sounds like we were at some of the same fests. I really hope EDC comes back to Chicago sometime. I'm from Chicagoland too and I always wanted to have a session with you, but it never happened even though we live so close to each other. At least we use to. I'm not sure where you are at anymore but I live in Wheaton and work in Lisle so I'm still around. We should meetup sometime and have an old man sesh. I remember watching your videos back in 04-05. They had alot of
  3. some still pop in from time to timeDo you still string at all?
  4. I'm testing the waters right now. A new video has been posted on the site.
  5. Despite popular belief... and your definition of dead. CAN WE FIX IT NOW?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmsQgbQLZ1U This reminds me of the very early glowsticking videos. When it was just being discovered and explored. I liked the dude @6:47..I'm tired just watching. Where do you get the led sticks they use in this vodeo?
  7. The waitress is getting married... fay vor it
  8. just noticed my previous post is a cool piece of evidence for synchronicity going on with me right now. 1's & 0's everywhere lately
  9. +TREE (rythmically it just needed another tree) I like trees!
  10. Its not real life, look at you. You got a stuffed alligator under your arm.
  11. When was the last time you picked up some glowsticks? Whatever the answer, it's been too long.
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