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  1. Lol, No one follows those old GSC rules anymore. Those rules are why this place is a ghost town.
  2. awesome man! nice to see a new video posted.
  3. A bunch of us will be at this event if anyone is interested.
  4. I'll update you on the next meetup we have. most of us only attend the big events now since we are getting old and lazy you in L.A, I.E. or S.D? we just had a small meetup of 6 of us in West Covina yesterday. It was fun.
  5. Everything is going good here in cali. Stringing is still going here, we just had an awesome retreat called Brooms. I think there is a video of last years on one of the forums. Stringing!!! Tug out.
  6. Extremeglow.com just got a new orange formula for their revolutions that is pretty legit.
  7. This is still an occurring event! Awesome that its almost been two years. That's awesome!
  8. tug

    pssssssss...... hey you. hi.

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      i'm kind of a barfly...
      glowfly, if you will

    3. tug


      Does that mean you only last five minutes...

      tehe :D

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      much MUCH shorter

  9. This second Brooms was even better then the first. I can't wait to re-watch all of the footage as it is posted. So excited for next year. Thanks for making that video of the first year. Still can't believe I had a dead stick. so sad
  10. I stringed all over my campus whenever i wanted and where i wanted. Screw them. I'm never going to see any of them again anyways. Idk, i guess i just don't care about people seeing me string since i'm use to also spinning poi in public. people are going to judge no matter what; if it's a nice day, go enjoy it and spin outside. Walking in between classes was fun. I would practice one hand spirals as i walked and it was a good way to pass the time. Just don't sell it past what it is. If people asked what i was doing i would say "spinning glowsticks, its fun. Want to try?" then they would try, fa
  11. what what in the ... whoops.
  12. Name: Tug Age: 26 Gender: sword swinger Location: socal Interests: prop manipulation. reading, politics Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: depends on my mood Musical Interest: Good beat Goal in the next 5 years: Debt free Goal in the next 20 years: Millionaire What turns you on about the opposite sex: Ummm.... butt and things only my wife knows ;p If i had a million dollars I would: Invest it and then retire a rich man I am good at: ehh... School (if applicable): Up to a masters degree Work (if applicable):Teacher I am on glows
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