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  1. Hey All, Used to rave a lot back in college, and kind of stopped for a long while. Getting back into the idea of freehand glowsticking. I did it for a long time and was so stuck on stalling and tosses that I lost most of the fluid. Looking to try to get back into it and maybe go to a few meet ups if y'all still do that. I'm in Fresno, but I like road trips. It would be nice to meet up with people somewhat local though. Hit me up!
  2. Hey all, just wondering if anyone from the Fresno area is still into the whole concept of practicing some stuff. It's been a long time since I've been to one of these, but I'd like to give it another go. Hit me up if you are still around.
  3. Anyone from Fresno still do meet ups?
  4. Any chance the file for this video was saved by someone? Definitely want to watch it again. Thanks!
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